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Friends of Bonnet Springs Park exists to champion our region’s newest park and we need friends like you. We are currently focused on education and advocacy to spread the word about Bonnet Springs Park and how it will transform our community for generations to come. Join us and become a “Founding Friend” today!

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What are “Founding Friends”?
As a Founding Friend you join a unique group of individuals and families who have demonstrated their support of Bonnet Springs Park prior to the Spring 2021 Grand Opening.

Why Join?
To become a Founding Friend, you take an active role in supporting Bonnet Springs Park at the ground level. Your initial contribution will help establish the financial foundation of our Friends group and allow us to support park projects and event programming for years to come.

Why Advocate?
To share your excitement about Bonnet Springs Park perhaps adds the most value at this founding level. Tell your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family about this amazing project. Learn more about Bonnet Springs Park, follow along with our progress during construction, and help spread the word as BSP becomes a place for our community to escape, engage, and explore.

Why Now?
The opportunity to join as a Founding Friend will be available only during park development. As we approach the Spring 2021 opening, our membership structure and pricing will change to include additional benefits, volunteer opportunities, and park events.

How To Join

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Print the membership form to mail in with your check.

Please make checks payable to:
Friends of Bonnet Springs Park
415 South Kentucky Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801

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Mission Statement

The Friends of Bonnet Springs Park enables and promotes programs which enhance the park as a place of nature, culture, recreation, and education.

Our Purpose

The FBSP is a group of passionate community supporters, operating consistently within its classification as a subsidiary of Bonnet Springs Park, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation, that work in accord and harmony with the board of Bonnet Springs Park, park staff, and tenant organizations to:

  1. Develop, preserve, maintain, improve and enhance BSP for the benefit of the general public;
  2. Provide input and ideas regarding BSP facilities and activities;
  3. Educate the public about the resources, needs and value of BSP;
  4. Solicit and raise funds exclusively for the BSP’s benefit, including, but not limited to infrastructure development, maintenance of facilities and installations, programs, and special events;
  5. Provide human resources to support any and all activities that occur at, or for the benefit of, BSP.
Friends of Bonnet Springs Park

Board Members:

Kimberly Elmhorst, President
April Mucci, Vice President
Jackye Maxey, Finance VP
David Grisham, Treasurer
Arletta Black Torres, Secretary
Kathy Abels
Ashley Bell Barnett
Jeanne Hebert
Kathryn Koch