About The Park


Barney Barnett

Message from the
Chairman of the Board

Carol and I have been fortunate to spend most of our lives living in Central Florida, giving us the opportunity to see our community’s growth firsthand. This is the community we chose to raise our family, and we could not be happier that this is the community in which our children are choosing to raise their families.

When we were presented with the vision for Bonnet Springs Park, we recognized the opportunity to create a place that will be truly transformational not just for our Lakeland community, but for our entire region. More than a beautification project, Bonnet Springs Park will tie together facets that will make our city even more vibrant than it is today. It will offer opportunities for children and adults to engage with our city’s history, which is rooted in the land on which the park is being built. It will provide an environment in which you can explore nature in a serene and sculptured setting, a setting which will be unlike any other park in our state. And it will create a place to which children, families, students, and visitors can escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.

David Bunch and Bill Tinsley envisioned this park, working tirelessly to gather our support and the support of countless members throughout the community. We are excited and honored to work alongside a talented team of volunteers to help lead this project from vision into reality. Together, we will create a place for our community to escape, engage, and explore in Central Florida. There is much work to be done, with more to come, and we hope you will follow along on this journey to create Bonnet Springs Park….a legacy for generations to come.

Barney Barnett
Chairman, Board of Directors

Board Members

Bill Tinsley, CEO
Barney Barnett, President
David Bunch, Vice President

Bill Vass, Treasurer
Jean Bunch, Secretary
John Attaway

Nick Barnett
Wesley Barnett
Kimberly Elmhorst

Jack Harrell
Donna Henricks
Martha Tinsley

Advisory Committee

Tim Boynton
Kurt Elmhorst
Kerry Falwell

Arthur Johnson
Robert Lay
Pam Page

Linda Rice
Gene Strickland
Marsha Vass

Stacy Walsh
Ana Wood

Steering Committee

Kathleen Munson, Co-Chair
Donna Henricks, Co-Chair
Barney Barnett
Nick Barnett
Ashley G. Barnett
Wesley Barnett

Gow Fields
David Bunch
Jeff Cox
Kimberly Elmhorst
Todd Danzler
Gregory Fancelli

Tim Rice
Anne Furr
Will Harrell
Ford Heacock
Lauren Jensen
Linda Rice

Ellen Salm
Sandra Sheets
Bill Tinsley
Marsha Vass

Friends of Bonnet Springs Park

Kimberly Elmhorst, President
April Mucci, Vice President

David Grisham, Treasurer
Arletta Black Torres, Secretary

Ashley Bell Barnett
Jeanne Hebert

Kathryn Koch
Jackye Maxey

Public Campaign Committee

Linda Rice, Co-Chair
Ellen Salm, Co-Chair
Arletta Black Torres, Co-Chair Events
Ashley Link, Co-Chair Events
Jessica Lucido, Co-Chair VIP Events
Tina Patel, Co-Chair VIP Events
Kristin Aiken, Co-Chair Marketing
Callie Miller, Co-Chair Marketing & School Projects
Stacy Walsh, Co-Chair Marketing
Chanel Bellotto, Co-Chair Merchandise

Stacey Heacock, Co-Chair Merchandise
Ginny Houghton, Co-Chair Merchandise
Joy Williams, Co-Chair Merchandise
Suzanne Aranda, Co-Chair Public Campaign Projects
Lisa Moseley, Co-Chair Public Campaign Projects
Sandra Campisi, Co-Chair Public Campaign Projects
Susan Dreyer, Co-Chair Public Campaign Projects
Stephanie Brown, Co-Chair School Projects
Angel Davis, Co-Chair School Projects